Tokyo Outfit Diary

"Can I hack the system and be a maximalist with a minimum amount of clothes?"


I always dreamed about the convenience of having a ‘capsule’ wardrobe. But then I also thought, ‘capsule’ wardrobe only belongs to some group of people with certain aesthetic and style: the minimalists. I didn’t think it could work on me, a person with the necessity to wear at least 3 colors and pattern clash on every outfit. What I wear affects me directly; my colorful hair is a pick-me-up every morning I wake up, my polka dot shoes lighten my mood each time I look down when I walk. It makes me gloomy just imagining if I have to live my daily life wearing the same essential outfit everyday. Is having a capsule wardrobe impossible for people like me? Is there a way which I can hack the system and be a maximalist with a minimum amount of clothes?


During my trip to Tokyo in spring for a whole month, I challenged myself to bring the lightest baggage possible and survive with it. I am pretty confident with my packing skill & self-control ability. These items I packed into my suitcase are not necessarily the most basic and the easiest to mix and match, but these are the last things that could bore me out if I wear it multiple times in a month, and that’s what’s important. From what I learned through this experiment is that the key of capsule wardrobe doesn’t always have to be all basic stuff, but you have to mix in the signature pieces that makes the wardrobe yours. You know, don’t forget to bring the fun stuff, too! So what if you’re caught with repeating outfits, it’s almost like a treasured skill in this fast-fashion world.

Here is the breakdown of what I packed and wore for a month:


Packing list for a month of events and going out:


#1. Stripe long-sleeve top

#2. Satin blue top

#3. Black turtleneck

#4. Balloon long sleeve shirt



#5. Pencil blue jeans

#6. Bright green bell-bottom pants

#7. Vintage smocked denim



#8. Midi white dress

#9. Bright red Kasmaran dress

#10. A checkered blazer-skirt set

#11. Patrick Owen Tartan Dress



#12. Faux fur coat

#13. Denim jacket

#14. Blue parka raincoat


#15. Black boots

#16. Bright red heels


The First Night


Arriving pretty late in early spring night. So in a pretty chill weather in Tokyo, I took a stroll for some snacks wearing my multi-colored stripes top from Cottonink, basic Lee pencil jeans, and faux fur jacket I got in Sydney 4 years ago for $10.

The Morning

I got this blue satin top from S.CLARS, and it became my favorite instantly. If I could wear it every single day for a month, I would, because of the gorgeous color that fits my blonde and pink hair! (which by the way is done by my friend Heidi at Serenity Studio.)


On Duty.

I tried my best to take my daily outfits, this one was aken with my self-timer before attending Ginza Hair Fashion Show for Shiseido. I was wearing the a turtleneck top, checkered skirt (sadly not shown here!), and a black opaque stocking. This will be the most toned down, real capsule-wardrobe version of me here, I guess.

Chiyoda-Line Inspired Outfit

My favorite pants! This BRIGHT GREEN, BELL-BOTTOM pants that is so rare to find anywhere. H&M studio sent me this and I’ve been wearing this for any occasions when I’m allowed to. Paired it with the turtleneck and black boots.

The White Dress

I passed by this pink house every morning for a whole month. One day I just set up my tripod and did a self-timer shot as a memento. The first time I tried on this distressed white dress, I swear it made me feel pretty that I was thinking that I should wear this if I’m going to have a chill and laid back wedding party. I am pretty easily pleased person, that’s true. But as an average asian woman, finding a dress that fits me perfectly, the length and the cutting, is a rather accidental thing. I’m going to wear this dress repeatedly throughout the month, just like how normal clothes are supposed to be worn.

By the way, in Tokyo I shared a place with 2 shiba inus. Here is me cuddling with one of them on my slow days. I will talk about them on the next posts. Here I am wearing Cottonink oversized jacket to layer my H&M Studio white dress on windy days.

Staying Indoor (but still cute.)

Today was snowing hard on labour day. It’s a holiday, and I got extra bonus time with my friends, Deby and Agnes who are usually working on weekdays. We did a photoshoot with my beloved green pants, a scarf as top designed by Agnes, and Agnes’ Kenzo hat.

The White Dress (Again)

This is my room in Tokyo, and my favorite dress in detail.

Dress and Pants

I’m wearing Kasmaran Indonesia‘s Batik dress which I designed myself, paired with denim pants and denim jacket. If you are thinking I found this hardcore Harajuku style sneakers while I was here, you guessed it right. And it was the last pair.

After staying alone and traveling solo for a few days, Alika arrived for the fashion week. So we moved from Shibuya to Koenji, the Ghibli Museum area. 

Tokyo Fashion Week

Today I attended Tokyo Fashion Week 2018 at Shibuya Hikarie, wearing Patrick Owen‘s checkered batwing asymmetric dress, and a puffy sleeve, buttoned-up shirt inside.

Rainy Day

Early spring weather can be pretty fickle, last weekend was heavy snowing, and then it was sunny, and today was raining. I needed to check the weather forecast before I go out (it’s really helpful and accurate).

Every day I commuted to 3-5 different places by foot & public transportation and I won’t bother bringing umbrella into the train, so I fold my light parka and it will be ready in my pocket anytime. Back to my stripes top and checkered skirt that seemed to go well with my blue parka.

Art Museum Day

It’s an art museum night with Agnes! We went to see Leandro Elrich’s exhibition at Mori Art Museum. I found this leopard print outwear earlier at the Tippirag Shimokitazawa thrift store for $15, and the very cute vintage white Doc Mart boots (with HEELS!) for around $20 at DonDonDown On Wednesday Shibuya.

Chiba Road Trip!

All my tasks in Tokyo is done, so me and Alika decided to go on a ROADTRIP TO CHIBA. This was my first time doing road trip in Tokyo, accompanied by Japan Local Trip. We drove to Chiba to see blooming nanohana field in Ichihara, picking strawberries, visited a very wholesome village on the border of Tokyo and found a hidden Totoro train station. I will write more about this extended Chiba trip on the next post! Now about the outfit: 

This bright red blazer I’m wearing is a vintage Yves Saint Laurent blazer I found on thrift store for around $50, and still in great condition. Tokyo thrift store is a bliss. This quirky, fully-smocked pants are also a secondhand deal I found from Shimokitazawa Micmo store for $10. 

Still a Road Trip

Just a Tarantino-esque candid shot taken by Alika of me cutting my bangs in front of 7-eleven with paper scissor during our road trip.

Here Comes The Clown

Casually riding a unicycle, wearing a fuchsia embroidered blazer I found here that is happened to be a vintage Dior. Back to wearing my quirky pants, and white Doc Mart boots. My thrifting game here is blazing.

Drugstore Outfit

We found a very cute pink building, the guide said it’s a drug store. It didn’t look like a drug store, it looked like a photo set. What can you say, Japan is a very photogenic place. So we did a little photo shoot here with my checkered skirt, and my favorite satin top.

Strawberry-Picking Day

Isn’t my day-to-day here just a fairytale bliss? Picking strawberries in my checkered set with a red beret hat.

Satin & Smocked Denim

Pairing the smocked denim I found here with my favorite satin top again!

Sakura Picnic

Last pair, I found this seventies corduroy blazer at Shimokitazawa thrift store for also around $10. I wore it to the retro Japanese disco night at Shibuya here.

Usually I go out 1-2 times a month, so it wasn’t that hard to look for outfits, but this month was the most event-packed and outgoing I ever had to be, so the experiment was totally worth it! Coming clean, what I shopped during my Japan trip are: 3 vintage outerwear, 1 pair of smocked denim, and 2 pairs of shoes. All of them are thrifted! And to be fair, in total of around 20 articles I packed, I found unlimited outfits to wear daily, all from 1 half empty-half full suitcase. From this experiment, I learned that what overwhelmed me into picking outfits are the unlimited CHOICE of articles. Going back home, I would even do this capsule wardrobe thing when I don’t travel, it just shortens my time to get ready when I only have a suitcase of curated pieces of clothing, not a whole messy wardrobe. As a maximalist, I do recommend you to give a capsule wardrobe a try!

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