At Home, In Love. – An Interview

A cozy Interview with Artist & Photographer, Nina Twardowska,
in her home, Gostyn, Poland.

When did you start taking pictures of couples and people in love?

It all started in 2014. I started taking photos of my friends, later my friends’ friends, and finally couples started reporting to me.


What fascinates you the most about what you do? 

Photography was a kind of medicine for reality for me. I struggled with depression and I needed something that would allow me to express my feelings in a creative way, to release emotions, both positive and negative.


What makes you keep doing what you do until now?

A constant need for creation. All the time I try to find the right balance between appreciating my work and looking for elements that can be improved.

Thanks to the fact that I can still meet people, I am constantly doing something new, unpredictable and unique, despite the fact that love and photography are still the common denominator of all this.


You are one of a few people who inspire us with how you can capture people’s intimacy, since my brand, Kasmaran is also about capturing love and passion. What inspires you? 

Thank you! Hearing such words from you is a great honor for me.

The basis for building a close and honest relationship is conversation. Thanks to that I can learn a lot about people I will be photographing and they can learn a lot about me, how I would like to work with them and what I would like to show through photography.

People are incredibly inspirational. With their experiences, knowledge, look at the world, with their sensitivity they are unique, one of a kind, and this inspires me the most. Films, paintings have a great influence on my work, I also like to observe the changing weather. Watching the storm and rain flowing down the windshield of the car can incredibly creatively affect my imagination.


What is the best thing about your work? 

The feeling of being unexpectedly inspired. The best thing about my job is when one of my couples says that they saw the pictures, and that all these emotions came back to them. Or when immortalizing in a photo of a person who is no longer with them… Then I feel that what I do has incredible value and it gives me a lot of energy to keep doing it.


What is a good day for you? 

A good day is a day full of creative work, after which I hug my husband before bed and our cats jump into bed.


Visit Nina’s work on her website or instagram.

(This interview is translated from the original Polish transcript, published for Kasmaran Indonesia.)

Original article, here.

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