At Home, In Love. – An Interview

A cozy Interview with Artist & Photographer, Nina Twardowska, in her home, Gostyn, Poland. When did you start taking pictures of couples and people in love? It all started in 2014. I started taking photos of my friends, later my friends’ friends, and finally couples started reporting to me. What fascinates you the most about […]

Moschino x HM – NYC Fashion Show

Shoot & edited by me for H&Moschino, on their runway show in NYC. Inspired by the MTV era, Jeremy Scott poured out 90’s hip-hop culture for H&M with his own twist of quirky sense of humor, and nothing is ever too extravagant for Moschino, because it’s in the DNA. Collection comes out 8th November 2018 […]

Tokyo Nostalgic Disco

Sneaking into Tokyo’s oldies dance party called ‘Showa Kayo Night’. It was Wednesday night when a friend of mine who lives in Tokyo, Deby, texted us when are we doing this Thursday night. She found this event roaming around her Facebook page, a disco party playing 50’s – 80’s Japanese pop tunes (Showa era) for […]