Tokyo Nostalgic Disco

Sneaking into Tokyo’s oldies dance party called ‘Showa Kayo Night’.

It was Wednesday night when a friend of mine who lives in Tokyo, Deby, texted us when are we doing this Thursday night. She found this event roaming around her Facebook page, a disco party playing 50’s – 80’s Japanese pop tunes (Showa era) for people at all age group, mainly for nostalgic purpose. I’m staying in Tokyo for a whole month vacation with zero plan (as how I always do it) and just play it by the ear every single day, so ‘dancing all night with cool elderly‘ is an easy ‘Yes!‘ for me. On the day, we dressed up according to the respective era and meet at Shibuya to jam to the oldies tunes. It was a magical time machine as we entered the full packed bar with ¥300 entry for us to dance all night, with Japanese grandmas, aunties and uncles karaoke-ing to all the songs they knew by heart. Here is our experience, including showing up at the local news on a drunk interview later after.

More about Showa Kayo night here.

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