Keepsake of My Red Hair

Photography Burhan Prawira Fashion Gisela  Make-up Arimbi Hair Oktrina Retoucher Karl Vincent

Duduk Bersama.

Inspired by warm feelings of difference, in the midst of estranging tension in Indonesia. Art & Photography Sonia ErykaStylist Heidy KalaloModel Elsa HilmanMake-up Silvia KurniaAccessoriesRinaldy A. Yunardi

Is ‘Sustainable Fashion’ An Oxymoron?

I tried living minimalistic, and this is how it went. As we all know, fashion industry contributes as the second biggest waste in the world. Along with the uprising of environmentally-conscious trend, more slow fashion brands are emerging. More designers are creating a more ethical, higher quality products that won’t go to waste after first […]

From $2 Thrift Pieces To Fashion Week-Worthy Outfits

A guide on surviving fashion week when you’re broke. “So, is it possible to survive a fancy event without breaking the bank?” It’s again the fashion week season, and if you are like me— at home scrolling through fashion week & street style updates in pajamas instead of cleaning the messy closet I’ve been all […]

Tokyo Outfit Diary

“Can I hack the system and be a maximalist with a minimum amount of clothes?”   I always dreamed about the convenience of having a ‘capsule’ wardrobe. But then I also thought, ‘capsule’ wardrobe only belongs to some group of people with certain aesthetic and style: the minimalists. I didn’t think it could work on […]

Tokyo Fashion Week in 35mm Film

Tokyo Fashion Week through my 35mm film lens during Indonesian streetwear brand Patrick Owen show, Spring-Summer 2018. In Patrick Owen asymmetrical tartan dress.